Karen Linduska - Teaching Information

On-line Teaching

IQuilt - brought to you by AQS

Fun &Funky Tree Making - 3 days of filming to create a 7 lesson class that will launch Fall 2016

TV Shows

Sewing With Nancy - PBS

PBS 2 part series that features my “Decorative Stitch Thread Painting” technique - Episodes 2321 & 2322

Sewing With Nancy - PBS

Segment on Nancy’s Corner - Episode 2420

Quilting Arts TV - PBS

“On Location” with Pokey Bolton at the Chicago - International Quilt Festival - 2009

This segment features my “Layered Fabric Painting” technique - Episode 501

In Focus - WSIU TV - PBS

10 minute segment on “Rebuilding The Wall On My Terms”  - a series of 10 art quilts on spiritual recovery

Expressions - WSIU TV - PBS

28 minute interview with Najjar Abdul-Musawwir


Quilting Arts Magazine - August/September 2015 - “Stitch By Stitch” article by Jane Davila

Quilting Arts In Stitches E magazine - Marshland Project

Quilting Arts Magazine - June/July 2009 - “In the Spotlight” article and quilt photo on the cover

American Quilter Magazine - series of four articles starting January 2011

SAQA Journal - article by Lynne Davis - “Rebuilding The Wall On My Terms”

My Books

“Creative Uses for Decorative Stitches” available through American Quilters Society

“Your Machines Decorative Stitches” - available through American Quilters Society

“Decorative Stitch Thread Painting” - co-authored with Nancy Zieman