Karen Linduska - Teaching Information

Below are my

Class Fees & Travel Expenses

If you have any questions contact me at my email address

I require a minimum of one 6 hour class of teaching


Class Fees

6 Hour Lesson


for a six hour class

3 Hour Lesson


for a three hour class

Kit Fee

$10 kit fee

per student

This kit will provide all the materials

stabilizers, quilt fabrics, yarn, extra fun stuff

and instruction for the lesson


Travel Expenses

 All my travel expenses will be covered

by the sponsoring organization



Depending on the distance

and my turn around time between events.

Most of the time I will be traveling

with my Travel Trailer to stay in.

I will find the closest campsite to your venue.

If I can not bring the travel trailer

then the sponsor  will

provide a clean & safe hotel

close to your venue

and air fair if I arrive by plane.


If I drive & bring my travel trailer

sponsor will provide:

.50 cents per mile

highway tolls and parking fees

Campsite fees for the nights

I will be staying in a camp site for the event

If I drive my car

without travel trailer

sponsor will provide:

.50 cents per mile            

highway tolls & parking fees

Plus a place to stay for event

If I arrive by air

sponsor will provide:

round trip air fare arranged by me

transportation fees to airport 

parking fees

car rental fees


provided driver for the time of the event


A private room in a clean/safe hotel or motel

near the teaching/lecture venue

[Only if I arrive without my travel trailer]

Food Stipend

$25 per day Food Stipend

this will include travel days also