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Don't Know What to Do With Those


"Decorative Stitches"

Well I'll Show You

I will show you:

How to alter the decorative stitch to create many images & designs

How to get more from your machine

You will learn :

outline stitches - filler stitches - weaving techniques - shapes - couching techniques - flower images - ferns - grasses - trees

 Baby Lock Dealers:

I can teach this process in your store on any Baby Lock Machine

Contact information at the bottom of the page

I am a full time professional fiber artist

with over 35 years of experience

I have spent the last 14 years

developing and perfecting this

Decorative Stitch

Thread Painting Technique

This is a fun, easy

free form process that uses your


 "Decorative Stitches"

to create surface design



Class & Lecture Information

Classes are available in 6 hour classes and in 3 hour classes. I can teach two 3 hour classes in one day. They can be different classes if desired.


Decorative Stitch Thread Painting

$650 for 6 hour class - $325 for 3 hour class

Students only provide thread

25 students per class

Class includes a short lecture with examples of my work. I will supply any instructions for the class. Students will make a small art quilt with images made from the built-in decorative stitches. Students will learn how to alter the stitches and what to do with the stitches once they are altered. I will show students how to use there machine more efficiently. I work one on one with each student to show them what their machines can do.


Decorative Stitch Thread Painting

$650  for 6 hour class - $325 for 3 hour class

$10 kit fee - per student

Students only provide thread

25 students per class

Another fun filled project. Class is similar to the beginning class, students will learn many more images and techniques made from the built-in "Decorative Stitches" .

Tree Making Class

Decorative Stitch Thread Painting

$650  for 6 hour class - $325 for 3 hour class

$10 kit fee - per student

Students only provide thread

25 students per class

Another fun filled project. Students will create a tree that is full of bits of fabric and layers of built-in decorative stitches. This is a very easy to learn process, that will inspire the student to be stitching trees for years to come. This technique can be combined with any other technique. (see tree images at bottom of page)

Fiber Art Jewely 

Making Class

Decorative Stitch Thread Painting

$325 - 3 hour class

$10 kit fee - per student

Students only provide thread

This is a very fun and easy class. Students will make a layered sheet of stitched fiber art. Then we cut the fiber art into shapes to make pins and post cards. Photo of finished project is at the bottom of the second column

75 Minute

Power Point Lecture

$150 - 1 hour

This is usually done the night before the class or in the morning before class

This 45 minute lecture is very informative. It is a perfect way to start out the "Decorative Stitch Thread Painting" class. I talk about my fiber art history. I show examples of the steps of my process from starting with white fabric to painting the fabric, then using the built-in "Decorative Stitches".  I show examples of how to alter the stitch and then what to do with the stitches once you alter them. I have examples of many student's work.

Requirements for

Decorative Stitch Workshop

Students are required to provide a sewing machine that will have the required built-in decorative stitches. Stitch width must be at least 5mm wide.  I will email you a list of the stitches upon request


Travel Expenses

 All my travel expenses will be covered by the sponsoring organization

NOTE: 2 day class minimum is required if I have to travel over 100 miles in any direction from my home in Carbondale, Illinois

NOTE: If I am within 300 miles of my home in Carbondale, Illinois. I will drive when possible, depending on my turn around time.


A private room in a clean/safe hotel or motel near the teaching/lecture venue will be arranged by me.

2 nights for a one day class           

3 nights for a two day class          

4 nights for a three day class


If I drive sponsor will provide:

.50 cents per mile            

highway tolls & parking fees

If I arrive by air sponsor will provide:

round trip air fare arranged by me

transportation fees to airport 

parking fees

car rental fees or provided driver for the time of the event


$25 per day this will include travel days


After we agree on a date I will send the contact person: 

a Letter of Agreement/Contract

list of the built-in decorative stitches required for this class

a class supply list

you will receive by email a class description plus photo's that you can send out to advertise the class

Please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page if you have any questions

Students Comments:

"The best class I've ever taken"  - Susan G.

"I learned so much new stuff about my machine" - Meg K.

"I only used the straight stitch on my machine, I had no idea you could use the decorative stitches this way" - Linda L.

"You are very clear in your instruction and a very organized class" - Connie M.

Contact Information

email: linduskaartquilt@galaxycable.net

web site:      www.karenlinduska.com

Examples of Students Work

 All the images below are beginning students work 

Beginning Class Project 

These are the images you will learn

You will learn my secrets so you can use the built-in "Decorative Stitches" to create surface design 

This technique can be combined with any other technique